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orator statueA selection of short articles by Benet Brandreth on rhetoric:

Feel the Fear – Do It Anyway | READ IT
Suggestions for how to overcome the fear of public speaking and advice on how to produce a great speech.

Structure | READ IT
The importance of good structure cannot be overstated. This article considers two aspects of good structure in oral rhetoric – repetition and simplicity and how to incorporate them into your speeches.

Working with Prejudice | READ IT
What do you do if the position you are arguing for runs up against the prejudices of your audience?

The Elements of Rhetoric | READ IT
What is rhetoric? The classical cannon and my own version of the factors involved in good rhetoric.

Competitive Debating | READ IT
A brief guide to the rules of competitive debating for schools together with advice on how to be the best! Aimed at school children and educators.

Royal Shakespeare Company logo"Benet Brandreth's work with our Royal Shakespeare Company ensemble has been invaluable. To the best of my knowledge, there is no-one else with his superb credentials and up-to-date experience working in the field. His unique and accessible approach makes the history and the practical art of rhetoric available to the classically trained actor and the total newcomer. I would have no hesitation in recommending his warm, witty and detailed sessions and know that I will be calling upon his expertise for years to come."
- Josie Rourke, Director, Royal Shakespeare Company and Artistic Director, Donmar Warehouse

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